We share, together with all other creatures on the planet, two love affairs: one brings us into alignment with the center of the Earth, a force we call gravity; the other awakens our desire towards the light and the sun, what we call the heliotropic force. These two forces provide the backing and orientation needed for us to thrive and to flow between “heaven” and “earth”.

Our physical structure is designed to naturally and instinctively receive support from both gravity and light, to find stability in a constantly moving world. Yet when we sense or feel that we are losing support, either physically, emotionally or spiritually, we grasp, contract and lose our balance, becoming disoriented.

We have the innate capacity for the never-ending dance of falling, finding support, reorienting, and responding anew to each moment, again and again. We have the possibility to relate to the world with flow, presence, ease and joy.

I invite you to initiate a somatic inquiry that will bring you from the precise resolution of a particular injury to a most evocative exploration of your potential of action.